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Posted By Parker

2013 Long Course State Meet!

Hey guys,

I know I haven’t been posting as much in the past couple weeks. It is because I was  really busy training and preparing for the State meet! The meet was July 26-28, so it took up my whole weekend driving there and back, and there and back, and so on. But, it was totally worth it! Let me tell you everything that happened, it is so exciting.


So, on Friday we drove out to Lincolnshire (I have no idea where that is…somewhere in Illinois) to get to Stevenson High School. The building had a huge gym where all the swimmers hung out before their races. My first event was the 100 fly. I had a good chance of winning a medal since the top 8 finishers receive a medal! Remember that this is the WHOLE STATE, so it is a really big deal for me. Onto the race itself. My coach said I had a great start and my parents said that I was in the lead on the first lap, but it is hard for me to tell while I am swimming. The last half lap seemed slow, but I still ended up placing 6th in total and making the podium!


| got 6th Place and on the Podium!

I was really happy to medal, but I had one more race and I was hoping to do better next time.

On my 50 free, I had a good dive, I sprinted and was ahead the whole way. I won the race and was 1st in the State! Everybody was so happy for me and I was so amazed that I did it! My time was 30.71 and I broke the team record.

I got 1st place!

Standing on that podium, with a gold medal around my neck, hearing my name announced as the State Champion was the best feeling. EVER. Winning that race on Friday gave me the inspiration to push my self even harder on Saturday.

Talk to you later,


P.S. This post was really long so I had to split it up into 2 parts! The next post will be out later today. Promise.