Posted By Parker

4th of July Fun!


Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope you have a great day. Last night my neighbors were shooting off fireworks! It was cool. There were red fireworks, blue fireworks, white and yellow fireworks and even green fireworks! Speaking of colors, a couple days ago my brother found some rocks at the beach and he wanted to paint them! So the next day we did. I painted one rock red and black and the other one with silver glitter paint. Also, I painted the American flag on a big rock. Here is the picture.


Cool, right? So, today I hope everyone has a great day celebrating our independence! Also, only 29 more days until I get on the plane to London to see the Olympics! Let me remind you what I am going to see. Tae Kwon Do, Track and Field and Synchronized Swimming. I will be doing a post every day when I get there.
See you later,