Book Letter #4: Puzzlers Mansion

So I just read another great book and wrote a book letter about it. I think you should read this book because it has a great plot, and a lot of mystery. Here goes!

Puzzler's Mansion Cover by Eric Berlin

I have read a book called The Puzzler’s Mansion by Eric Berlin. This book takes place mostly in a big, fancy mansion with lots of rooms and other cool things. The book is about a high school boy named Winston Breen who loves to solve puzzles. He is a sweet and intelligent boy.

Since he is solving and making up puzzles in his head, he is not focusing on his school work. So, his parents ground him from puzzles, but not before he is invited to a party hosted by a famous musician named Richard Overton with his friends Mal and Jake, and his other friend Mr. Penrose. Mal is a funny guy who likes to sleep a lot and Jake is smart, but the book does not say a lot about him.

So after everybody gets to Richard Overton’s mansion, they start solving puzzles in the house, and if they solve it, they win a prize. The clues could be really hard to find or they could be hidden in plain sight! One of the people who won the first round received a very valuable signed copy of a program from a concert! When everybody woke up the next morning, it was gone! But, the rest of the puzzles still go on, while everybody is trying to find out who stole the program too!

This book reminds me of the Encyclopedia Brown books because of all the mystery and drama just like this book! Also, this book reminds me of myself because I love puzzles and solving mysteries just like Winston, the main character. The Puzzlers Mansion is like the real world because this could happen!

I love how the author put the puzzles into the book so you could actually solve them. I took a couple minutes to look at all of them and they were challenging!

Sounds like a good book, right? I think it was. By the way, do you know any famous musicians like Richard Overton? Do you know any classical music? If so, then you should tell me by going to the comments section and writing me their name or their pieces!