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Posted By Parker

Camp Edwards Fun!

Hi! So, I just got back from Camp Edwards on Friday. This was my 3rd trip since the beginning of 3rd grade. Like they say, 3rd times a charm (I think)! This year we are studying Rocks and Minerals, so we stopped at the Quarry on our way to East Troy.  We were investigating and looking for fossils.  I found a tiny fossil, but somehow I think I lost it, bummer, huh?

Well, that’s ok because the rest of the trip was awesome. I scaled the climbing wall again and shot a bulls eye in Archery, cool, right?

On the first morning we woke up early to go on a hike to Edwards Island.  It isn’t actually an island, it is just surrounded by marsh. Here is a pic of me and my friend Harry sitting on the porch at Hoffer!

But, the best story is the one about my epic journey down the tube slide. I’ll tell you, it was pretty scary! So, I was going down the tube slide when suddenly my legs started to slip off the plastic sled. Now, the part that happens next is a hypothesis, because I was looking forward not backwards! My sled hit the ceiling of the tube and cracked into 3 pieces.  Wow,  it is all about threes today.

There I was, going nearly 20 mph on this fast tube slide, but only riding on a tiny piece of plastic.  As I got off the slide, I heard the rest of the plastic pieces flying down the tunnel.  It was crazy. Here is a pic of the infamous tube slide!

Have you ever taken a slide down a long dark tunnel?  If not, you should try it!

Hasta la vista,