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Posted By Parker

Camp Edwards Part 2


I am going to talk about camp again! This time about canoeing. On  the first day of camp, my friend Quincy and I went canoeing with my dad. Just as we left the dock, we were going so fast! As we got into the center the pond, we looked around. Wow.  The lake was so beautiful that day. We decided to go over to the far right side of the lake and as we got there, we spotted an island complete with a house, dock and forest. It was so cool, because the only way to get on and off the island was by boat. On the second day of camp it was so windy on the water. Quincy and I were getting blown into the muck and trees a lot. So were some other kids. Eventually, my dad had to come into the water and pull the kids out and while that happened, he fell in the water! It was scary and funny at the same time! I am very excited to go again next year!


P.S. That is my friend Miles, Quincy’s brother and me!