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Posted By Parker

Carmel 2014

Hi Guys!

One of the big things that I wanted to tell you about was where I was this past weekend. I was at a very important swim meet all the way out in Indianapolis! It was hosted by the Carmel Swim Club at the IUPUI natatorium. The first thing I wanted to talk about is the pool.The cool thing is that it is one of the fastest pools in the world. Do you know what makes a pool fast? Well, I will tell you. This pool is specially designed for there to be no waves from other lanes, so it doesn’t affect you. I thought that was really interesting. When I was there, it was in the 25 yard pool form because we are in the short course season. Also, there was a huge warm-down pool/diving well on the far side so after you race, you can relax your muscles and get ready for your next race.  Oh, and did I mention that this pool has been known for hosting the Olympic Trials, so it must be really top notch.


When I was there, I thought it was awesome that I was swimming in the same pool as Michael Phelps and Gary Hall Jr. and other great Olympians who had competed there. In total, CWAC (my swim team) came in third place out of 33 teams from 10 different states across the US with only 65 swimmers competing for us! I was really proud that I shaved time in most of my races and now have my first State cut for my new age group. And, my relay team broke the team record for the 200 freestyle relay, which I thought was a huge accomplishment! This pool was really fun to swim in and an amazing experience for me. Maybe the next time I swim there will be for the the Olympic Trials! I’m going to have to work really hard for that to happen.