Family Fun

London Day 4: Synchronized Swimming

Hi! So today was an awesome day. In the morning, we relaxed then went to a cool playground in the woods. In the back of the playground, there is a ZIPLINE! It is so awesome! We rode it a couple of times then enjoyed the rest of the park. We found an old tree stump and thought we would take a picture next to it. Also, I put my Lego Me on [...]

Family Fun

London Day 3: Track and Field

Hi! So, today was my first day going to the Olympics! Off we went to the Track and Field stadium in East London. The events were held in the main Olympic Park and it is so gigantic! It is really well organized and the volunteers were all so nice. Also, my Dad’s cousin, Tom came with me, PJ and Greeny. He is a super cool guy. This [...]

Family Fun

London Day 1

Hi! So, my first day in London was great. Yesterday, when we went to the airport I took the first of many pics of my Parker Lego figure and Pj’s Lego figure in front of our plane. You will see them as they travel around the city! When we boarded PJ and I got to sit in the way back of the plane right next to the flight attendants. [...]

Beach Blasts

My Jr. Guards Competition

Hi! So yesterday, all of the beaches that participate in the Jr. Lifeguards program went to South Shore Beach to have a competition. The races are Beach Flags and Tug of War. Beach Flags is just like musical chairs. You lay at the end of a 25 yard course facing the opposite direction and put your head on your hands. The ref says head up, [...]

Family Fun

My Trip to Camp Turrigiano

Hey, I just got back from a great week at “Camp Turrigiano” A.K.A my Gramma and Papa’s house! We did so many great things like swim in the pool, play Clue, we went to my Aunt’s house and swam in the lake, we saw Madagascar 3 and we ate at some of our favorite restaurants ever! It was so fun! On the way back, I [...]

Family Fun

Summer Fun

Hi! Once again at my Gramma and Papa’s house and this time the pool is OPEN! I have already jumped in with my brother yesterday and it looks amazing. The pool is all tiled and there is new concrete. But, it is nothing compared to Lake Michigan in Chicago where I will spend my whole summer. Speaking of Jr. Lifeguards, it is only 4 [...]

Family Fun

Happy Memorial Day!

Hi everybody! Happy Memorial Day! I have just left from my gramma and papa’s house a couple of hours ago. I miss you! So, today, after breakfast we were driving down the road and we saw that the road was blocked for a Memorial Day parade! So we accidentally drove into the parade, well, in front of the parade! It was HILARIOUS! But, [...]

Family Fun

Our Amazing Luck

Hey, guess what? Two days ago, my brother had a birthday party at Dave and Busters. So my dad and I went too. Some of the games that we tried were the Claw Machine, and many others. So, at the Claw Machine, my dad and I tried it a couple times, and guess what happened? We won a watch! It was so cool! My dad and I were so happy, so we [...]