Beach Blasts

4th of July!

Hey guys! Just wanted to say that I hope you have a GREAT 4th of July! I am going to the beach and enjoying the nice weather! It has been really rainy and cloudy for that past few days and I am so glad that it is sunny and hot outside! What are you doing to celebrate our independence? Well, I am going to the beach now, so bye! Parker

Cool Creations

Happy Sunday!

Hi! So today is the last day of the week! Today we are just going to have a relxaxing day at the house. I have had a great weekend so far. My friend came over on Friday. I showed her how to play Minecraft and we watched a movie while eating ice cream.  It was awesome! The next night, I also saw a Harvest Moon. I logged it in my moon [...]

Family Fun

London Day 4: Synchronized Swimming

Hi! So today was an awesome day. In the morning, we relaxed then went to a cool playground in the woods. In the back of the playground, there is a ZIPLINE! It is so awesome! We rode it a couple of times then enjoyed the rest of the park. We found an old tree stump and thought we would take a picture next to it. Also, I put my Lego Me on [...]

Family Fun

London Day 3: Track and Field

Hi! So, today was my first day going to the Olympics! Off we went to the Track and Field stadium in East London. The events were held in the main Olympic Park and it is so gigantic! It is really well organized and the volunteers were all so nice. Also, my Dad’s cousin, Tom came with me, PJ and Greeny. He is a super cool guy. This [...]

Family Fun

Summer Fun

Hi! Once again at my Gramma and Papa’s house and this time the pool is OPEN! I have already jumped in with my brother yesterday and it looks amazing. The pool is all tiled and there is new concrete. But, it is nothing compared to Lake Michigan in Chicago where I will spend my whole summer. Speaking of Jr. Lifeguards, it is only 4 [...]

Loving Lego

This WAY cool App

Hi! So, now I am at my grandma’s house! It is so fun. Except the pool is under construction. Boo Hoo. But, I found this great app on the App Store yesterday. It is called Bricasso. It’s only 0.99 cents and you can use almost all of the lego bricks are available to build virtual creations. The other cool feature is it [...]

Loving Lego

My Lego City

So, a few weeks ago, I built this amazing Lego city out of some spare Lego parts and a couple Lego houses. It took me about 2 days, but it was a big accomplishment. There are lots of things to do! You can go to the city pool, take a ride on some speedboats on the lake, and you could have a BBQ with your friends. Hope you like it!