Beach Blasts

Summer Flashbacks

Hi guys, The last time you heard from me I was ecstatic about my state win. Wow, that was awhile ago. What have you been up to since then? Even though I am back in school with all my friends and we are following our daily routine, lately I have been having summer flashbacks! I had so much fun in Florida. I keep thinking about the beach, [...]


Movie Making

Hi! So, my brother and I made this awesome movie last weekend and I wanted to share it with you guys! The iPad app that we used is iMovie. I loved it because you pick a template and then film your own clips. Have you heard of iMovie? Without further ado, Peek-a-Bleu Productions presents: The 7 Year Old Spy! Funny, right? After all, it [...]


My Swim Meet

Hi! So last weekend I went to a swim meet at my home pool! It is always fun to have a meet at your own pool because you are used to swimming there and you know your way around.   The events that I swam were 200 Freestyle and  500 Freestyle. Before last weekend, I had not swam those events before, so it was really fun! Also, there [...]


Book Mania!

Hi! All of you must know that I LOVE books, right? Today I am going to do a whole blog post on books. So, let me start with my favorite book series’! 1. Percy Jackson and the Olympians By Rick Riordan. This series is great because it gets involved in Greek Mythology and history but at the same time, it is a exciting adventure book. [...]


My Final Jr. Guard Competition

Hi, So, on Friday I went to Calumet beach to have my last Jr. Lifeguard competition. The events that we did were the land line relay, distance swim and finally the run swim run. The land line relay is this: there is a victim who goes out deep in the water, a rescuer (me) who swims out to get the victim.  Once I reach the victim,  the two [...]


My First Baseball Game

Hi! So on Monday night,  I went to my first White Sox game! It was so cool. When we got to the field, a couple hours before the game, there was a section where kids could practice running bases, pitching and batting.  I had never really played baseball before, but I loved trying.  I was actually really good at pitching.  I knocked over [...]


Deep Sea Treasure

Hi! So today was another fun day at Jr. Lifeguards! We did some beach flags training for the competition next Friday and we swam 4 piers, which I think is about two miles. While we were swimming, my friend Thomas and I saw what looked like some dollar bills! We dove down to look and it turns out there was 6 dollars at the bottom of the [...]


4th of July Fun!

Hi! Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope you have a great day. Last night my neighbors were shooting off fireworks! It was cool. There were red fireworks, blue fireworks, white and yellow fireworks and even green fireworks! Speaking of colors, a couple days ago my brother found some rocks at the beach and he wanted to paint them! So the [...]