Posted By Parker

Deep Sea Treasure


So today was another fun day at Jr. Lifeguards! We did some beach flags training for the competition next Friday and we swam 4 piers, which I think is about two miles. While we were swimming, my friend Thomas and I saw what looked like some dollar bills! We dove down to look and it turns out there was 6 dollars at the bottom of the lake! We grabbed it and went up to the surface. We were happy to discover the “treasure”, because there is a concession stand at the beach house. Neither of us had cash, so we split it $3 for me and $3 for him, so we could each buy a snow cone. But, the sad part of this story, is that the concession stand wasn’t open today, so we will just save it for another day. After lunch we went paddle boarding because it was record breaking heat; we needed to cool off again!


Also, for the past day the power has been going crazy. Yesterday at 7:00 PM we had a brown out. A brown out is where your power flickers. It came back on at 8:00 PM for the night, but then today it went out again at 9:40 AM when I left to Jr. Guards and my mom said it came back on at 12:30 this afternoon. I hope it doesn’t happen again!  Has it been hot where you live?
See you later,