So on Tuesday, The Third and Fouth grade is going to Camp Edwards again! I am so excited. I really missed it. Unfortunatly, my dad is not coming this time but hopefully he can come in the springtime. But you never know. The last time, he got called the day before Camp and the teachers asked him if he could come. I was really happy.


I have to get packing if I want to take all of my clothes with me. Trust me, I don’t want to be wearing just underwear all day! That would be really embarressing. I hope we get to do the climbing wall again! That was really fun. I remember last year when I climbed it in 28 seconds. Man, I was small back then. I think I still have that Picture of me climbing up! Nope, I just checked. :(I don’t even know if  I can do it again! Also, I cannot wait for all the other activities like the Tube Sliding, Archery, the Campfire, Low Ropes, Predator/Prey, Canoeing and all of the fun things that we get to do there. Most of all, I can’t wait to hear who I am bunking with! I wish we got told earlier than the day before we leave.

To change the subject, let’s talk about my new book. No, I did not write a book, I got a new one at the library a couple days ago. It is called Wonder. It is about this boy named August. He has a medical condition so his face looks a little different from other people. His eyes are an inch lower than other kids and he cannot smile. I feel so bad for him. Even though people tease him he still meets new friends and they have lots of fun.

I think it is a great book so far! Well, I have to get packing so…