Cool Creations

Happy Sunday!

Hi! So today is the last day of the week! Today we are just going to have a relxaxing day at the house. I have had a great weekend so far. My friend came over on Friday. I showed her how to play Minecraft and we watched a movie while eating ice cream.  It was awesome! The next night, I also saw a Harvest Moon. I logged it in my moon journal. It was a really cool yellowy color. It looked like this:    Awesome, right? A couple days ago, I built a lego bed for my lego person. It was really hard to assemble and it wouldn’t fit inside my house but I figured out a way to get it in there. The bed is big enough to have the person actually sleep on it! I’ve got to say, it is pretty cool. I also built a little garden for the backyard. There are lots of plants!

The swimming season has just started. I cannot wait for the first meet! It is in October. I am training hard till they come. This year is going to be a lot more competition because of all of the older kids. I have to prepare! Wow. I can’t believe that today is the last day of September until next year. I will really miss you September! ;) I am going to go relax so, Goodbye!