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Posted By Parker

London Day 1

Hi! So, my first day in London was great. Yesterday, when we went to the airport I took the first of many pics of my Parker Lego figure and Pj’s Lego figure in front of our plane. You will see them as they travel around the city!


When we boarded PJ and I got to sit in the way back of the plane right next to the flight attendants. It was so cool! Once we got settled, we relaxed and watched the 3 Stooges. Did you know that movie is funny? After the movie, we went to sleep. When we woke up I looked out the window and the clouds were beautiful! I took a cool pic.


Awesome, right? Finally, the flight landed and we got off. Then we grabbed our bags and looked for our grandma. We found her and ran to hug her. Then we hopped in the car and headed home. After unpacking, we decided to go to the Eye, a famous Ferris Wheel in Central London. This is a pic of us on the Eye.


We took the tube. The tube is an underground train line that travels all over the city. Did you know that from the Eye you can get a great view of Big Ben?


After the Ferris Wheel, we took the train home. We are having a great time in London!
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