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London Day 2: My Trip to Tower Bridge


So, it is my second wonderful day in the amazing city of London! Today, we were going to go to “Denmark” with our friends Laura and Ben. “Denmark” is an event by the Tower Bridge where you could play with Lego, eat Danish food and see the lego Olympic Park. Unfortunately, the event got rained out, so we took refuge in a coffee shop. After the rain, I took some cool pictures of the lego Olympic Park.


Then, we walked to the bridge. On the way there I took some more photos.  This time of the Olympic Rings that London recently put on the Tower Bridge and other famous landmarks around the city. These are the first rings I have visited.


It is very awesome. When we got to Tower Bridge, we spotted a seal that represented London. This is a picture of the seal and of the rings and my Lego guy.



After all the excitement, all of us went out to lunch at Pizza Express. It is a very fun restaurant! I got pizza, of course. This is a picture of me with Laura.


Then we went home for about 30 mins before we jumped in the car to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days. It was a good movie. So, that was it for today! Time for bed.
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P.S. If you are in the US, good afternoon!