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Posted By Parker

London Day 3: Track and Field


So, today was my first day going to the Olympics! Off we went to the Track and Field stadium in East London. The events were held in the main Olympic Park and it is so gigantic! It is really well organized and the volunteers were all so nice. Also, my Dad’s cousin, Tom came with me, PJ and Greeny. He is a super cool guy. This is a picture of me & him.


The stadium for Track and Field is actually really easy to get in and out of too. That surprised me, because there are probably about 80,000 people inside. This is a picture of the Stadium from the inside.


It is a spectacular court, don’t you think? I think it is awesome. Speaking of Track and Field, the events that we saw were Women’s 100M Hurdles, Men’s Discus throwing (which is very cool, by the way), Women’s Shot Put, Women’s 1500M running and Men’s 500M running. They were amazing events to see in real time.


Also the big torch was AWESOME! It had about 50 sticks of fire clumped up together. Finally, on the back of the aquatics center, there are the Olympic Rings in a shade of gray. This is a picture.


Can you believe that it took London only 5 years to build the Olympic Park? I thought it would have taken them at least 10? Do you think they did a good job?
Well, tomorrow I am going to Sychronized Swimming, or water ballet, as some people call it, with PJ & Greeny. I can’t wait to see the pool! Then on Wednesday we are going to Taekwondo with our cousin Miranda. It is going to be so fun!
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P.S. If you have noticed, I have been putting up pictures of my Lego Me in London. Today I forgot to take a picture of him while we were out and about, so I am putting a picture of him with my special Great Britian Lego Mini figures.