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London Day 4: Synchronized Swimming

Hi! So today was an awesome day. In the morning, we relaxed then went to a cool playground in the woods. In the back of the playground, there is a ZIPLINE! It is so awesome! We rode it a couple of times then enjoyed the rest of the park. We found an old tree stump and thought we would take a picture next to it.


Also, I put my Lego Me on top of it and took a pic. This is what it looked like. This photo is one of my favorites!


After the pictures, we headed back home to have lunch and prepare for our big trip to the Olympic Park. We took a double decker bus and the overground. As we headed in to the Olympic Park, I looked at all of the sights and the beautiful views. As we got towards the Aquatics Centre, I noticed another set of Olympic Rings! I just HAD to take a picture.


I was happy I found them because I did not want only one picture in my Olympic Rings Picture Collection. That would be just sad, don’t you think? We walked up the stairs and I saw that Aquatics Centre sign. Of course I took a photo!


As you can tell, I am the Cameraman in almost all of the Olympic photos. It is a fun job. When we went into the Swimming pool, the Synchronized Swimming was starting! I looked around in awe. The pool was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! It could fit probably 10,000 people. As we got to our seats, I started to watch. It was actually much cooler than I thought it would be.


After we watched the medal ceremony, we ate dinner at McDonald’s. I love UK McDonald’s because it actually taste like chicken! We finished and walked to the train. We rode on one that was going like 160 MPH. It was amazing. The train cars were nice too.

When we exited the train I spotted ANOTHER set of the Olympic Rings! This is my lucky day! So I took a picture. I don’t know why I wouldn’t.


Sorry I published my post so late, we had so much to do! What did you do today?
Good Night,