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Posted By Parker

London Day 5: Taekwondo and a walk around London

Hi! So today was my final full day in London. We went to Taekwondo with Tom’s sister, Miranda. After talking to Greeny, we discovered she is our 2nd cousin. In the early morning we took the bus and the train to arrive at the stadium. I actually took a picture of my Lego Me on the Tube.


When we arrived at the stadium, we had to walk a long way to the Taekwondo arena and we had to clear security. When we went through the beeper, I got beeped! I looked in my pockets and found out that my metal card holder set off the alarm. My “lost” card has my grandma’s address and phone number on it so if I was lost I could find home. Well, I walked through the beeper again and didn’t get beeped.

Well, after that drama we walked through the entrance and took a picture of all of us!


Once we found our seats, we couldn’t stop watching! It was so awesome! It was really fun for my brother because he does Taekwondo. He is a high brown belt. This is a picture of the professionals sparring.


After the TKD, we went on a cable car across the river Thames. It was amazing! We were almost 300 feet in the air! You could see everything. After the ride all of us walked to the O2 center, also where the basketball is playing. You had to go thru security again. I was determined not to get beeped! Well, I didn’t. I was happy.

Then we went to lunch at a nice place where they have chicken burgers. It was a good meal! We stopped at the London 2012 shop to buy things for certain people, like our parents. Hint, Hint! We caught a bus to the waterfront and caught a boat to Big Ben. This is Miranda and I on the waterfront.


The boat was so cool. There were 2 floors! On the boat, I spotted another set of Olympic Rings! Yes, I took a picture, of course.


You also get a great view of Big Ben! On the boat ride, I realized how beautiful the city of London really is. I just love London.


Well, goodnight,