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My 10th Birthday!


Hi! So this is my first post on my blog where I am officially 10 years old! This year, my birthday was really special because it was on 12/12/12!  Did you know that this kind of birthday will not happen in another 1000 years. Cool, right? If I was born 2 years earlier, I would have turned 12 on Dec. 12th 2012.  I am still excited to be double digits. But, my dad told me that someone was born on 12/12/12 at 12:12 am. That is even cooler!

As a birthday present, my dad drew a sketch of me as a newborn. Compared to the photo, I think it looks just like me! I also got a bunch of lottery tickets and candy. Guess what? I won $10 on my very FIRST TRY! I think it is hard to believe. It must be good luck to win $10 on my 10th birthday!

November 20122

But, my birthday celebration started early when my Grandma (Greeny) came into town. Greeny let me open my gift early. She bought me an awesome LEGO Lord of the Rings set! I built it in an hour and a half. I love it.

Then, we all went to Symphony Hall to see the orchestra. They played some really exciting songs like Beethoven Symphony No. 5 and the conductor talked to us about the history of the music. After that, we went out to lunch and the waitress surprised us with 2 cakes because both Greeny & I were celebrating our birthdays! (By the way, the cake was delicious!)

On Sunday, our friends Jesse and Patty came over. They bought me a Wii U for my birthday! The new remote is the best Wii controller I have ever used. There are a lot of new buttons and games that are made just for it! We played for most of the afternoon.

Later, we all went to Dave and Busters with my friend Harry. When we got there, we spotted a gigantic banana hanging on the wall! We said to each other “‘Let’s win that Banana!”. We went to the prize booth and asked, “How much is that Banana?’. Turns out, it was 3200 points.

After our long day there, we ended up with only 3090 points. Bummer, no banana. We were about to walk away. Then on a whim, Jesse & PJ used their last token to spin the wheel and hit the jackpot.  All of  sudden the sirens went off and 500 tickets spit out. We were so happy; we left with the banana!

My 10th Bday

Well, overall, I had a great 10th birthday! Thanks for all the presents from my friends and family! I really love them all. Now, we only have 10 more days till Christmas. Wow, December is always a really busy month for us.

So, I am going to go play with all my presents and think about what I will give to people for Christmas.

See you later,

Parker (Who is now 10!!!!)