Beach Blasts
Posted By Parker

My 2nd Jr. Guards Competition

So on Friday, I went to Montrose Beach for my  competition. We did not do the swimming events, because the waves were to high. But, we still got to do Tug of War, since we didn’t do it at the first meet, a dash relay and a distance run. It was awesome! Our team won 2nd place for the dash relay and I came in 11th for the mile run. My friend Sarah is an amazing runner, so she won a 3rd place medal for the long distance  run! She is so cool, that’s us in the pic below.


It was my first time doing a long run! I will try and do better for the one next year. And, in Tug of War we got 3rd place in the whole city! Guess what? While waiting to do Tug of War, one of our teammates created this ninja mask that you can make with your shirt! It made us feel fierce.


We were so happy because in the third round we had to go against a gigantic team with a lot of really big strong kids who had won last year. We thought we were going to get crushed. But, we held our ground and beat them! It was amazing.


 This week I got my beach flags medal. I can’t believe it is already the end of July. Time really does fly!! How is your summer going?

See you later,