Posted By Parker

My Final Jr. Guard Competition


So, on Friday I went to Calumet beach to have my last Jr. Lifeguard competition. The events that we did were the land line relay, distance swim and finally the run swim run. The land line relay is this: there is a victim who goes out deep in the water, a rescuer (me) who swims out to get the victim.  Once I reach the victim,  the two kids on the beach pull the rope attached to the can and bring us to shore as we kick. My team won first place as we were the fastest out of 20 teams with a 3:33 minute time!


The distance swim was fun too. You had to swim out to the buoys and back, it was about 300 yards. I won a gold medal out of 40 kids! 2 golds for 2 races, so far, yeah!!


The final event was the run swim run. You had to run a lap, run into the water and swim to the buoys and back and then run a lap. I got first again by long shot. I was so happy! 3 golds for 3 races!


I only have one more week of Jr. Guards before I board the plane for London. I have had a great summer in Chicago so far and I can’t wait to tell you guys about all my adventures in London and Florida.

Have a great summer,