Posted By Parker

My First Baseball Game


So on Monday night,  I went to my first White Sox game! It was so cool. When we got to the field, a couple hours before the game, there was a section where kids could practice running bases, pitching and batting.  I had never really played baseball before, but I loved trying.  I was actually really good at pitching.  I knocked over the targets almost every time. I also liked the batting. It was really fun!

Running the bases was also super fun. You could race against some of the players (not the real ones), but it was still awesome. My best time was 4:95 and the best time of the day was 3:35! Can you believe that? It must have been a really fast runner. After that, the game started! Some of my other swim friends from Fosco arrived, we had great seats right off of left field. Of course, we had to eat hot dogs & chips. The usual at a baseball game, right? Well, that’s not all, I also had cotton candy, popcorn, ice cream, and some other stuff! Wow, too many treats.

I wish we could go to a Cubs game this summer but one baseball game is plenty.  Actually, the ride there was PRETTY exciting too. We took the red line and a women traveled from car to car while the train was moving!  What was she thinking? Then a man turned his music up too high and their was a big argument. Luckily we got off the train before anything else happened. Have you ever been to a baseball game before? Whose your favorite team?

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