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Posted By Parker

My First Orchestra!

Hi! So yesterday we went to the Orchestra at Symphony Hall downtown as a weekend treat. The show was called Hallowed Haunts. They played lots of scary classical music to the audience for Halloween. But, it was not just a regular orchestra, it was the Orchestra of DOOM!!   This is me and my brother in the front of the hall.

The inside of the hall was cool too. It had a big dome up high on the roof  so the sound was awesome!

When the musicians came out, they all looked like zombies and were walking like them too! It was a little creepy. The music was great, but they also wove a little skit into the program to keep the kids involved. It was about a woman bassoonist who liked to play happy songs but, the conductor did not think that bassoonists in the Orchestra of DOOM should play cheerful tunes. So, he took her bassoon away and fired her. She tried to grab the bassoon, but the conductor controlled her with the evil metronome!! Finally, she got her bassoon back and the Orchestra played a happy song.

“Thank you Greeny for the tickets to this amazing show! I really loved it.”

Have you ever been to an Orchestra?

See you later,