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Posted By Parker

My First Soccer Game!

Hi! So, yesterday night, I went to a professional soccer game with my friend Harry. The teams playing against each other were the U.S Womens Olympic Team and the German Olympic Team. The US Women won a first place medal in the Olympics this summer. The Germans won second, so it was awesome to see the top 2 teams in the WORLD competing.

Before the game, we hung out in the parking lot and ate some food! It is called Tailgating. Have any of you ever tailgated? Then at the game I ate even more delicious junk food! I don’t eat junk food very often, so it was a little treat.

The score at the end of the game was 1-1. I could not believe that the score was so low, but then I thought about it. Turns out that makes more sense because they are the best in the world. Here is a snapshot from the field.


Amazing, right? There was this one moment in the game when the Germans shot at the goal, but the ball went on top of the net! I thought it was a goal, but the scoreboard said it wasn’t. I was so relieved. When USA got a goal, the crowd was ROARING! It was so loud, I had to cover my ears. I had so much fun at the game. I hope I can go another time! Thank you to Harry’s family for inviting me.

Do you know in Europe they call it football?  That makes perfect sense as they do kick the ball with their feet!

See you later,