Beach Blasts
Posted By Parker

My Jr. Guards Competition

So yesterday, all of the beaches that participate in the Jr. Lifeguards program went to South Shore Beach to have a competition. The races are Beach Flags and Tug of War. Beach Flags is just like musical chairs. You lay at the end of a 25 yard course facing the opposite direction and put your head on your hands. The ref says head up, head down a couple of times then blows the whistle. You jump up and run to a flag. If there are 10 people playing, there are only 9 flags. You have to sprint to grab a flag. The person who does not get a flag is OUT. The people who get a flag play all over again until there is only one winner. Get it?

Well, last year I won the whole competition against 50 kids my age! This year the day before the competition I hurt my back doing something silly at practice. I was so sad, because I thought I would not be able to compete. But, my mom put some Tiger Balm on the bruise and it felt much better. It still hurt a little bit, but I was fine. Yesterday, we had to wait forever before we had to play so we dug a hole. It was so gigantic, I could sit inside. We dug to like two feet deep!


This is me before Beach Flags yesterday with our new cool tie-dye team shirts!


Well, guess what? I still won this year even with a hurt back! I was so happy. This is me covered in sand with my two coaches after the event.

Every kid had to do beach flags and there are like 600 kids in the competition, so we were there all day! Then some dark clouds rolled in; we saw the lightning and heard the thunder. You know what that means, right? All of the coaches went to talk and they decided to call it quits. So unfortunately, we were not able to play Tug of War. Some kids were taken by bus and some went with their parents. At South Shore there is only one way in, and only one way out. There is a very short light at the exit, so only 3-4 cars could get out at a time. We ended up waiting for an hour in the parking lot. We were hot! We were tired!  We were covered in sand!  All we wanted to do was get home. Can you imagine how we felt? But, I was still glad to bring home the gold.
Have a great weekend.