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Posted By Parker

My Last Week of School


Wow. The summer has already started! It seems like the first day of school was just yesterday. For the past week, there has been a lot going on. I was the MC for Fit Fest with my friend Jacksyn. Fit Fest is a day at our school where we play games to remind us to keep active.  We also had the 8th grade graduation and yesterday for the last day of school, we walked to the beach with my whole class. It was the perfect day to be outside. We had a great time playing Frisbee, swimming in the water and just relaxing.

I was really sad about the summer, because I would miss school, my teachers and my friends. But, at the same time I was excited about all the fun things I would do in the summer. This year I am doing a program called Junior Lifeguards, where you go to the beach and run, practice rowing the boats, learn CPR and play beach flags, tug-o-war and more! I also get to fly alone with my brother to see our Grandma in London for the Olympics.  And finally, we are going on a peaceful vacation in Florida. What are you doing this summer?

P.S. As a farewell, here is a project that my class did for the last day of school. It is a compliment sheet that our classmates fill out for each student.  When I read mine, it makes me smile! Isn’t that a great idea?