My Swim Meet


So last weekend I went to a swim meet at my home pool! It is always fun to have a meet at your own pool because you are used to swimming there and you know your way around.

the pool that I swim in!


Fisheye Picture

The events that I swam were 200 Freestyle and  500 Freestyle. Before last weekend, I had not swam those events before, so it was really fun! Also, there was a parent who was taking really cool shots of the swimmers and the pool and he got some of me racing! So I thought it would be fun to show you the pictures!

Me Swimming

Swimming my events!


More Swimming!

Awesome pics, right? It is also good for me to see the pictures or videos as I can see if I did something wrong and it helps me improve my stroke! But, if you don’t have a video, coaches are practically the same! :) They always give us great feedback after a race. I love all my coaches, they are the best!

Anyway, in my 200 free, something crazy happened! When I was putting on my cap and goggles I tried a new technique of putting my goggles under my cap. Well, when I dove in the water, my goggles FELL OFF! But, even though they were not on my head, I still opened my eyes. I ended up making the State Qualifying Time! Funny thing, on one of my brother’s races, his goggles fell off too! Crazy, right?

So, my 500 free was one of the last events and I ended up having to wait over 2 hours in between! I was a little nervous because it was an open race which means it was boys, girls and ages 10 to 19. Even though I raced older kids, I came in 3rd in my heat. And, I made the State cut and on top of that, I made the 9/10 TEAM RECORD! Twenty laps wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be so I am glad I did it.

So State is coming up and now I have 11 cuts! But unfortunately, I can only swim nine of them. Boo Hoo. I cannot wait for that meet because kids from the WHOLE STATE are coming to MY team pool for the championships! Wish me good luck!

I have to go to practice, so I will write again soon!