Family Fun
Posted By Parker

My Trip to Camp Turrigiano


I just got back from a great week at “Camp Turrigiano” A.K.A my Gramma and Papa’s house! We did so many great things like swim in the pool, play Clue, we went to my Aunt’s house and swam in the lake, we saw Madagascar 3 and we ate at some of our favorite restaurants ever!

It was so fun! On the way back, I either slept or read. Did you know that “Holes” is a great story? I just read the entire book yesterday. This is a pic of me sleeping in the car. You could see from the photo that I was exausted from all the excitement.


Funny, right? You know, to try something new, I am going to make a list of what I want to do this summer. Here you go!


Summer List:

Have a picnic

Go to the beach 15 times (14 to go)

Make s’mores

Eat at a restaurant on the water

Go kayaking

Go sailing

Go to a museum

Cheer on Olympians

Play Put Put

Go to the driving Range

Go Bowling

See a Movie in the Park

Barbecue 20 times (19 to go)

Most importantly, have Fun!


What do YOU want to do this summer?

See You Later,