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Posted By Parker

My Writing Workshop at 826CHI

Happy Monday!
So on Saturday, I went to this exciting writing event. It was in the back on The Boring Store. “The Boring Store” is Chicago’s only undercover spy shot that doesn’t really exist. In the back of the shop,826CHI holds tutoring, writing events, and other fun workshops.


The event I signed up for was “It’s Rocket Science”! First, we got there and we talked about why you would want to go to space, what would you do up there, how you would prepare for it and how much time you would have to put in to making it happen. Then, we dressed up in cadet suits and were assigned jobs. I was the co-pilot. How cool is that, right? Then, we got to go into “space”. We used our imagination and props for our mission, it was so fun!

After the event, we looked around the spy shop. They really sell secret agent gadgets! I tried out a disguise. Can you recognize me?


Well, today I am back to my last week of Jr. Guards. I know it will be an awesome week!
See you later,