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Posted By Parker

Olympic Dreams

So for the past two days, I have been watching the Olympic Swimming Trials! It is so amazing to see all these experienced swimmers compete together in Omaha. I think they should all be in the Olympics, but the team can only have two people from each event. I wish that someday I could be one of those swimmers standing up on the blocks. Have you ever dreamed about swimming in the Olympics? I have! Tonight Matt Grevers won first place on the 100M Back. It was so cool, he got the second fastest time in the world! Speaking of Matt, in 2010 I went to the Fitter and Faster Tour at the UIC pool and met him along with Misty Hyman and Josh Schneider. This is a pic with them.


I am going to be watching the trials all week! Good luck everyone! The countdown begins, 30 days until the Olympic opening ceremony.