Random Thoughts
Posted By Parker

Olympic Fever

So for the past 3 days I have been watching the Olympic games in London. It is so amazing to see all of the great athletes from around the world compete in London. I am getting even more excited every single minute I watch. I think I am getting a case of Olympic fever! Does anyone know a doctor that can cure this type of sickness?!?


I cannot believe the US team won 2nd place in the 4X100M relay! Michael Phelps got a big lead in the 2nd leg and Cullen Jones held that lead, but Lochte gave it up to the French. But a Silver medal is still golden in my world! Did you know that the USA is second in the medal count and it has only been 3 days out of 14?


I am counting down the days until London. Only 3 days left. This week at Jr. Guards we will do a lot of fun stuff like games, swimming and paddleboarding. What are you up to lately? Have you been watching the games? What is your favorite sport?