Family Fun
Posted By Parker

Our Amazing Luck

Hey, guess what? Two days ago, my brother had a birthday party at Dave and Busters. So my dad and I went too. Some of the games that we tried were the Claw Machine, and many others. So, at the Claw Machine, my dad and I tried it a couple times, and guess what happened? We won a watch! It was so cool! My dad and I were so happy, so we decided to play another time. A few tries after that, we won another watch! And then another! We had amazing luck! And then my brother came around, and said, “Can I try?”. My dad and I went off to look at some other games. Then, 45 minutes later, my brother came up to my dad and I and said, “Do you know where I can get another bucket?”. My dad and I turned around and he had 6 little jewelry boxes in his bucket. My Dad and I were amazed. “Where did you get all of those?” He replies, “I played the Claw Game!”

True Story,