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Posted By Parker

Our Bird Nest


I have to tell you about something really cool. For the past month or so, there have been some robins flying around my neighborhood. One of them decided to make a nest right by my front door! Awesome, right? After the male finished the nest, a couple days later we saw a mother in the nest! When the mama bird left the nest, my mom got on a stepladder, being careful to not touch the nest and took a picture of it with my iPad. Once she got down, we looked at the pictures and were amazed to see a couple of light blue robins eggs!


Isn’t it amazing? They are so beautiful. We left the eggs alone for about a week, but one afternoon, we saw some blue eggshells on the ground! We grabbed the stepladder and took a peak. They hatched and there were naked baby birds, sleeping in the nest. It was really a site to see.


We checked the nest weekly after that and they were so much bigger! You just have to see for yourself.


We loved seeing the little feathers and beaks develop. Look here!


And below is the mom feeding a worm to the little birdies.


The mom is really protective! Whenever we tried to walk out our front door, the mom was right there waiting to ‘swoop’ down on us. One or two times she actually tried to swoop my dogs! We were all scared of her. And, it is crazy how fast they grow up!

Well, I will probably be saying that in 40 years when my son or daughter grows up, but still, wow! ¬†Eventually we didn’t see the mom come back to the nest for about two days, so we checked and the baby’s had grown up and flown away.

Seeing those birds grow up was really cool and so interesting. Someone told me it is good luck that the mama bird chose our house. I wish it could happen again!

See you later,


P.S. Yesterday there was a sparrow in the empty nest. Really, it’s true. It is like a bird hotel!