Family Fun

London Day 4: Synchronized Swimming

Hi! So today was an awesome day. In the morning, we relaxed then went to a cool playground in the woods. In the back of the playground, there is a ZIPLINE! It is so awesome! We rode it a couple of times then enjoyed the rest of the park. We found an old tree stump and thought we would take a picture next to it. Also, I put my Lego Me on [...]

Family Fun

London Day 3: Track and Field

Hi! So, today was my first day going to the Olympics! Off we went to the Track and Field stadium in East London. The events were held in the main Olympic Park and it is so gigantic! It is really well organized and the volunteers were all so nice. Also, my Dad’s cousin, Tom came with me, PJ and Greeny. He is a super cool guy. This [...]

Family Fun

London Day 1

Hi! So, my first day in London was great. Yesterday, when we went to the airport I took the first of many pics of my Parker Lego figure and Pj’s Lego figure in front of our plane. You will see them as they travel around the city! When we boarded PJ and I got to sit in the way back of the plane right next to the flight attendants. [...]

Random Thoughts

Olympic Fever

Hi! So for the past 3 days I have been watching the Olympic games in London. It is so amazing to see all of the great athletes from around the world compete in London. I am getting even more excited every single minute I watch. I think I am getting a case of Olympic fever! Does anyone know a doctor that can cure this type of sickness?!? [...]

Story Scenes

My Writing Workshop at 826CHI

Hi! Happy Monday! So on Saturday, I went to this exciting writing event. It was in the back on The Boring Store. “The Boring Store” is Chicago’s only undercover spy shot that doesn’t really exist. In the back of the shop,826CHI holds tutoring, writing events, and other fun workshops. The event I signed up for was [...]


My Final Jr. Guard Competition

Hi, So, on Friday I went to Calumet beach to have my last Jr. Lifeguard competition. The events that we did were the land line relay, distance swim and finally the run swim run. The land line relay is this: there is a victim who goes out deep in the water, a rescuer (me) who swims out to get the victim.  Once I reach the victim,  the two [...]


My First Baseball Game

Hi! So on Monday night,  I went to my first White Sox game! It was so cool. When we got to the field, a couple hours before the game, there was a section where kids could practice running bases, pitching and batting.  I had never really played baseball before, but I loved trying.  I was actually really good at pitching.  I knocked over [...]

Beach Blasts

My 2nd Jr. Guards Competition

Hi! So on Friday, I went to Montrose Beach for my  competition. We did not do the swimming events, because the waves were to high. But, we still got to do Tug of War, since we didn’t do it at the first meet, a dash relay and a distance run. It was awesome! Our team won 2nd place for the dash relay and I came in 11th for the mile [...]


My Summer Reading List

Hi, Well you know how I love to read? Because of that, I decided to make a summer reading list. It has been a busy summer, but my favorite time to read is when I am resting after a long day at Jr. Guards. Also, reading before bed helps me relax. So far this month, these are my favorite titles: The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place [...]