Random Thoughts

School is Here!


So, it has been three weeks since school started and I think  I have settled in fully. It has been great so far! We have already had two field trips. The first one was to Pebble Beach to start a rock collection. Then, on Tuesday we went to the Field Museum to study Rocks and Minerals. We all took the CTA downtown, which was fun.  After touring the exhibit we ate lunch and while we were playing outside, I had a fight with a bee and lost.  Don’t worry, I am fine.  This is not the first time I have been stung by a bee.

We are also doing cool things in the classroom like studying the Moon. Tonight is the first day collecting data.  We have to find the moon and record it in our science journal. My house is a great spot to find the moon because we have a clear view of the sky in all directions. For this project, we are not allowed to use the internet to help us find the moon. I just spotted my first one tonight! It was really cool!

Speaking of the Moon, last year there was an amazing moon that was really cool colors.  This is the picture of the Wolf Moon last year.  The Native Americans call it that because every time there is one, they heard wolves howling in the distance.

Cool, right? Well, I have to go do the rest of my homework, so goodbye for now…

Hasta la Vista!