Swimming Strokes
Posted By Parker

State Meet Stats

Last weekend I had a swim meet. And it wasn’t just an ordinary swim meet, it was the State Championship Meet! What that means is that all the kids in the STATE come to our pool in Chicago to race and I was one of them! Crazy, right? Another thing is that you had to be fast enough to qualify for this meet, so not everybody could swim. Originally, I had qualified for 11 events, but you are only allowed to swim 6. I had to choose the events in which I would most likely medal and be able to stand on the podium.

That’s the other thing. There was a podium, just like the Olympics! Except the top eight made it, which is even better. I medaled two times, once for my 50 Butterfly where I placed 5th and for my 50 Freestyle where I placed 6th. I am also very proud that my 200 IM was a new team record. Cool, don’t you think?



I was so proud to be standing up there! Next year, when I move up to the 11-12 age group, I am going to try my hardest to make the State cuts! It will be so much harder, but that’s what Coaches and practices are for, right?


See you later,