Beach Blasts

Summer Flashbacks

Hi guys,
The last time you heard from me I was ecstatic about my state win. Wow, that was awhile ago. What have you been up to since then?

Even though I am back in school with all my friends and we are following our daily routine, lately I have been having summer flashbacks! I had so much fun in Florida. I keep thinking about the beach, the sugar sand and the surf! I miss it so much. I am so grateful that we get to visit the island every year.

Did I tell you about our adventures? We went snorkeling, turtle watching, paddle boarding, surfing and lots more. When we went snorkeling, we found a live starfish and I got to actually touch it! Then, we found a seahorse and I got to hold it and take a picture! Yes, of course I will show you the pic.


Isn’t he cute? I think he is. Well, after that, something very, very, awesome happened. I was coming back up from the bottom (it’s like 15 feet deep) and I bump into something. I thought it was Chad my friend Belle’s dad, but it wasn’t. I look up and it’s a HUGE, black creature! Chad pulls me up and says, it’s a manatee! It was amazing. We got to play with it and hug it! It was like a big, black sea puppy! My dad pet it’s back and then it rolled over and he rubbed his tummy! It was a once in a lifetime experience. Now, that the story is over, here comes the photo montage!





Doesn’t it look like we had a lot of fun? We sure did! Now I have a question. What did you do this summer?