Family Fun
Posted By Parker

Summer Fun


Once again at my Gramma and Papa’s house and this time the pool is OPEN! I have already jumped in with my brother yesterday and it looks amazing. The pool is all tiled and there is new concrete. But, it is nothing compared to Lake Michigan in Chicago where I will spend my whole summer. Speaking of Jr. Lifeguards, it is only 4 days away!!! But, the pool is great practice and an excuse to have noodle fights with PJ. This is a pic of PJ and I jumping in the water.


Oh and guess what?! My brother and I got a new Lord of the Rings Lego set! It is Attack on Weathertop. I love this set and so does my brother PJ. It is complete with a staircase, trapdoor, weapons rack and all the characters: Aragorn, Merry, Frodo and two Ringwraiths! Have YOU seen the Lord of the Rings trilogy or read the books? I just recently saw the movies, so now I am going to try and finish the book this summer. More on that later. I hope you are having a great summer. Off to pool we go!