Beach Blasts

Summer Flashbacks

Hi guys, The last time you heard from me I was ecstatic about my state win. Wow, that was awhile ago. What have you been up to since then? Even though I am back in school with all my friends and we are following our daily routine, lately I have been having summer flashbacks! I had so much fun in Florida. I keep thinking about the beach, [...]

Summer Fun

2013 Long Course State Meet!

Hey guys, I know I haven’t been posting as much in the past couple weeks. It is because I was  really busy training and preparing for the State meet! The meet was July 26-28, so it took up my whole weekend driving there and back, and there and back, and so on. But, it was totally worth it! Let me tell you everything that happened, [...]

Random Thoughts

School is Here!

Hi, So, it has been three weeks since school started and I think  I have settled in fully. It has been great so far! We have already had two field trips. The first one was to Pebble Beach to start a rock collection. Then, on Tuesday we went to the Field Museum to study Rocks and Minerals. We all took the CTA downtown, which was fun. [...]

Family Fun

London Day 1

Hi! So, my first day in London was great. Yesterday, when we went to the airport I took the first of many pics of my Parker Lego figure and Pj’s Lego figure in front of our plane. You will see them as they travel around the city! When we boarded PJ and I got to sit in the way back of the plane right next to the flight attendants. [...]

Story Scenes

My Writing Workshop at 826CHI

Hi! Happy Monday! So on Saturday, I went to this exciting writing event. It was in the back on The Boring Store. “The Boring Store” is Chicago’s only undercover spy shot that doesn’t really exist. In the back of the shop,826CHI holds tutoring, writing events, and other fun workshops. The event I signed up for was [...]


My First Baseball Game

Hi! So on Monday night,  I went to my first White Sox game! It was so cool. When we got to the field, a couple hours before the game, there was a section where kids could practice running bases, pitching and batting.  I had never really played baseball before, but I loved trying.  I was actually really good at pitching.  I knocked over [...]


Deep Sea Treasure

Hi! So today was another fun day at Jr. Lifeguards! We did some beach flags training for the competition next Friday and we swam 4 piers, which I think is about two miles. While we were swimming, my friend Thomas and I saw what looked like some dollar bills! We dove down to look and it turns out there was 6 dollars at the bottom of the [...]

Beach Blasts

My First Day at Jr. Guards

Hi! So, today I survived my first day of Jr. Lifeguards! It was so much fun. We played Beach Flags, Johnny Come Across and some other cool games. This is a picture of me after Jr. Guards and I am covered in sand, I mean I had sand everywhere, even up my nose! Unfortunately, today we did not get to go into the water, because it was very [...]

Loving Lego

My Lego City

So, a few weeks ago, I built this amazing Lego city out of some spare Lego parts and a couple Lego houses. It took me about 2 days, but it was a big accomplishment. There are lots of things to do! You can go to the city pool, take a ride on some speedboats on the lake, and you could have a BBQ with your friends. Hope you like it!