My Final Jr. Guard Competition

Hi, So, on Friday I went to Calumet beach to have my last Jr. Lifeguard competition. The events that we did were the land line relay, distance swim and finally the run swim run. The land line relay is this: there is a victim who goes out deep in the water, a rescuer (me) who swims out to get the victim.  Once I reach the victim,  the two [...]

Beach Blasts

My First Day at Jr. Guards

Hi! So, today I survived my first day of Jr. Lifeguards! It was so much fun. We played Beach Flags, Johnny Come Across and some other cool games. This is a picture of me after Jr. Guards and I am covered in sand, I mean I had sand everywhere, even up my nose! Unfortunately, today we did not get to go into the water, because it was very [...]