Family Fun

Blog Anniversary

Hi guys! Sorry I haven’t been writing posts for a while. I have been really busy with swimming and school lately. It’s almost summertime! But, there is one more thing that we are doing this school year…Going to Camp Edwards! If you remember, I have been writing a post or two about camp since my blog started last May. I [...]

Family Fun

London Day 4: Synchronized Swimming

Hi! So today was an awesome day. In the morning, we relaxed then went to a cool playground in the woods. In the back of the playground, there is a ZIPLINE! It is so awesome! We rode it a couple of times then enjoyed the rest of the park. We found an old tree stump and thought we would take a picture next to it. Also, I put my Lego Me on [...]

Family Fun

London Day 3: Track and Field

Hi! So, today was my first day going to the Olympics! Off we went to the Track and Field stadium in East London. The events were held in the main Olympic Park and it is so gigantic! It is really well organized and the volunteers were all so nice. Also, my Dad’s cousin, Tom came with me, PJ and Greeny. He is a super cool guy. This [...]

Family Fun

London Day 1

Hi! So, my first day in London was great. Yesterday, when we went to the airport I took the first of many pics of my Parker Lego figure and Pj’s Lego figure in front of our plane. You will see them as they travel around the city! When we boarded PJ and I got to sit in the way back of the plane right next to the flight attendants. [...]

Random Thoughts

Olympic Dreams

So for the past two days, I have been watching the Olympic Swimming Trials! It is so amazing to see all these experienced swimmers compete together in Omaha. I think they should all be in the Olympics, but the team can only have two people from each event. I wish that someday I could be one of those swimmers standing up on the blocks. [...]

Swimming Strokes


A couple of weeks ago, my brother, some of my friends, and I went to an event called The Fitter and Faster Tour at the UIC pool. The Olympians that me met were, Gary Hall JR, Christine Magnuson, and Gil Stovall. We got to swim with them, talk to them, and other things. In the end, we got to race them! It was VERY fun. The Fitter and [...]