My Final Jr. Guard Competition

Hi, So, on Friday I went to Calumet beach to have my last Jr. Lifeguard competition. The events that we did were the land line relay, distance swim and finally the run swim run. The land line relay is this: there is a victim who goes out deep in the water, a rescuer (me) who swims out to get the victim.  Once I reach the victim,  the two [...]

Random Thoughts

Olympic Dreams

So for the past two days, I have been watching the Olympic Swimming Trials! It is so amazing to see all these experienced swimmers compete together in Omaha. I think they should all be in the Olympics, but the team can only have two people from each event. I wish that someday I could be one of those swimmers standing up on the blocks. [...]

Family Fun

Summer Fun

Hi! Once again at my Gramma and Papa’s house and this time the pool is OPEN! I have already jumped in with my brother yesterday and it looks amazing. The pool is all tiled and there is new concrete. But, it is nothing compared to Lake Michigan in Chicago where I will spend my whole summer. Speaking of Jr. Lifeguards, it is only 4 [...]

Swimming Strokes


A couple of weeks ago, my brother, some of my friends, and I went to an event called The Fitter and Faster Tour at the UIC pool. The Olympians that me met were, Gary Hall JR, Christine Magnuson, and Gil Stovall. We got to swim with them, talk to them, and other things. In the end, we got to race them! It was VERY fun. The Fitter and [...]