Story Scenes

Camp Edwards Fun!

Hi! So, I just got back from Camp Edwards on Friday. This was my 3rd trip since the beginning of 3rd grade. Like they say, 3rd times a charm (I think)! This year we are studying Rocks and Minerals, so we stopped at the Quarry on our way to East Troy.  We were investigating and looking for fossils.  I found a tiny fossil, but somehow I [...]

Beach Blasts

Goodbye Summer, Hello School!

Hi! So today is my last day of summer before school starts tomorrow! Just to let you know, I did not get kidnapped by English thieves or disappear off the face of the Earth. Let me give you the update on what happened after London. My brother and I had a nice flight back to Chicago and when we finally arrived back home we literally did [...]

Family Fun

My Trip to Camp Turrigiano

Hey, I just got back from a great week at “Camp Turrigiano” A.K.A my Gramma and Papa’s house! We did so many great things like swim in the pool, play Clue, we went to my Aunt’s house and swam in the lake, we saw Madagascar 3 and we ate at some of our favorite restaurants ever! It was so fun! On the way back, I [...]

Family Fun

Happy Memorial Day!

Hi everybody! Happy Memorial Day! I have just left from my gramma and papa’s house a couple of hours ago. I miss you! So, today, after breakfast we were driving down the road and we saw that the road was blocked for a Memorial Day parade! So we accidentally drove into the parade, well, in front of the parade! It was HILARIOUS! But, [...]