Swimming Strokes

North Carolina 2015 Grand Prix Camp

Hey Everybody, Last weekend I attended an elite swim camp in North Carolina. I was invited after winning the State Championship in my 50 Freestyle last short course season. Eleven other boys and 12 girls from Illinois Swimming were selected to also attend the camp. We were also lucky enough to watch the finals of the Charlotte Grand Prix [...]

School Stuff

My trip to Camp Edwards

Hi! So, for the past two and a half men, sorry, I meant two and a half days, the 3rd and 4th grade classes from my school went to a very cool overnight camp, Camp Edwards in WI.  The picture is of me on the climbing wall. I made it to the very top, it was an amazing view. There are so many fun activities!  We did archery, the climbing [...]

Travel Tales

My Tasty Trip to Culvers

Hi! So, today I am driving to my grandma’s house in MI and on the way, we went to this AMAZING restaurant called Culvers. To bad they do not have a location in Chicago. Boo Hoo. :( But anyway, this is a very good restaurant that I LOVE better than other fast food places. But, there is only ONE thing I like better than fast food! [...]