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Personal Essay

Hi Guys, I wanted to share with you an essay that I wrote for a school project a couple weeks ago. It is about water and how it is really important to me. There are also some funny stories included that I hope you will enjoy! WATER By Parker Nolan Do you know how to swim? Swimming is a very important skill all people should know how to [...]

Story Scenes

My Writing Workshop at 826CHI

Hi! Happy Monday! So on Saturday, I went to this exciting writing event. It was in the back on The Boring Store. “The Boring Store” is Chicago’s only undercover spy shot that doesn’t really exist. In the back of the shop,826CHI holds tutoring, writing events, and other fun workshops. The event I signed up for was [...]

School Stuff

My Favorite Poem

Hi! I just HAVE to share this poem because it is one of my favorites. “No” by Shel Silverstein is so funny and I love the way it sounds out loud. In my class, we were learning about poetry and we had to pick a poem to memorize and dictate at our “Poetry Cafe”. The Poetry Cafe is a celebration at the end of our [...]

School Stuff

My Poetry

Hi, since I love poetry and we are learning about it at school and putting it on this website is fun, I decided to share it! Here we go! 208 208 it’s really great we have a lot of good classmates and we love to congratulate kids who are very up-to-date in 208 Also we have very good playmates and teachers who educate in 208! [...]