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Posted By Parker

The 7 Year Old Spy Part 2!

Guess what? My Brother and I made another crazy trailer with the app iMovie! And guess what it’s called? ‘THE 7 YEAR OLD SPY PART 2!’

This is the tag line:  “The second production of this series is jam-packed with hilarious scenes, new characters and out of this world stunts!”

Here’s some reviews: ‘This movie is so much better than the original and the stunts are better!’ The New York Times.  “This movie is so funny it made me cry!” The Chicago Times.

Now onto the Movie. Peek-a-Bleu Productions Presents, The 7 Year Old Spy Part 2. (Sound effects, clapping)


Was it better than the original? Let me know by commenting below.
I think it was! If you give me some good ideas, I can make a part three.
See you later,

P.S. The reason there is a LEGO minifigure in one of the first shots is to show what 0007 would look like in LEGO style!

P.P.S. I think I look really funny as 0006! Do you?